The Bayangol hospital is a private hospital which has specialized itself in Maternity and IVF techniques. At the moment the facility houses 40 beds, but needs to expand up to a 100 beds to achieve a profitable business case.
In cooperation with the client we have developed a master plan to slowly migrate from a 40 bed facility into a possible 500 bed hospital over a longer period of time. The project will have three phases, of which the first phase was designed by us.

The government of Ghana has decided to set up a country wide healthcare improvement plan. They have decided to realize 10 district Hospitals and 6 polyclinics in various places throughout the country. The district hospitals should have at least 100 beds, but also staff accommodations. For the hospitals one modular design was made, which can be easily adjusted to the specific (to be determined) sites. The design of the polyclinics was set up in such a way that they can be expanded to a 100 bed hospital as well.

Along the Mirpur road in Dhaka the Diabetic Association Bangladesh (DAB) has founded a 250 bed hospital. The extension of the hospital to 500 beds has been planned and will be realized by adding 6 extra floors to the facility.

Next to the hospital a building for a laboratory facility is under construction.
The biggest challenge the DAB foundation faces is the fact that it is difficult to recruit qualified staff and docters.

They have decided to start the Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS) on the same site. A third building will appear with teaching facilities, library, restaurant, apartments for docters and students. Even a school of the participant’s children will be realized.

Because of the political unstable situation in Lybia, our client understood that there will be a huge need for health care facilities throughout the country in the near future. Already having realized hospitals during the Khadaffi reigning period, our client gave us (after the fall of Khadaffi) the assignment for the design of the physiotherapy center. Unfortunately the political situation got worse and our client had to flee the country.

The Tamale Hospital was founded in 1973, build by a British construction company after a design by a British architect. After thirty years, the lack of maintenance and funds, created problems which became insurmountable. The hospital was in a deplorable state and considered to be a death trap for its patients.
The government decided to reform the hospital into a teaching hospital with a cooperation with the medical University in Tamale and created with the help of the Dutch government funds for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the hospital.
After several attempts of making plans by different parties, we started in 2009 with a new master plan for the hospital to upgrade the facility to 400 beds.

In the first phase of the expansion and rehabilitation we added a new facility for the main hospital departments, like Accident & Emergency, Imaging centre, Maternity ward, Surgical Suite, ICU and CSSD. The existing facility was completely stripped and refurbished. Phase one was finished and handed over to the client in 2014.

In the second phase, construction started begin 2015, several new buildings will be added. A new ward block, an extension of the Accident & Emergency, a dialysis department, a new eye clinic and a new Maternity block and a new mortuary are under construction. When these new buildings are finished, the hospital will have a capacity of 800 beds.

Eventually the future 3rd phase will extend the hospital to a 1000 beds.

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