Over the last twenty years, after a period of Russian influence, the Mongolians have diverted their focus from the Russian to the western world. Their economy has grown enormously over the last decade. The Mongolian society is looking for ways to get rid of their Sovjet heritage. One of the main constitutions that need to be reformed is the health care system. The Mongolians have decided to take the European health care systems as an example to reform their own health care system.

As a pilot project we were granted the assignment for the design of a new 250 bed district on the Songinokharkhan hospital site.

For this we conducted a study of the existing healthcare system and a demographical study to determine the needed functionality for the new facility. These studies have resulted in a functional plan, program of requirements and a preliminary design for the hospital.

At the moment the design development is being executed by a Korean firm.

The Mongolian government has stated that once the building is completed and appears to be a success, they want to repeat this concept in other parts of Ulaan Baatar.